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Scroll Back To Top WP Plugin – Tombol Kembali ke Atas Terbaik


PLUGIN Scroll Back To Top atau Tombol Kembali ke Atas dari Joe Sexton menurut saya merupakan WP Plugin Scroll Back To Top terbaik.

Ia muncul saat halaman discroll ke bawah. Tampilannya simple, tapi elegan. Cara pasangnya seperti plugin biasa, tinggal install dan aktifkan. Tidak perlu setting apa-apa lagi sudah jalan. Seperti yang saya pasang di blog ini.



Scroll Back to Top is a WordPress plugin to add a button that appears only when users scroll down the page allowing them to scroll to the top of the page. The plugin comes pre-configured and is fully functional on activation. The plugin offers a number of webmaster-friendly features to completely customize the look, position, and animation. In addition, there is a setting to allow you to put the button in preview mode so it only appears when logged in, which is great for configuration, then fully enable it for everyone to see! This button is built on jQuery and is designed to be dead easy, without the need to modify any markup or the theme.


This was built for anyone to use, with no knowledge of HTML or CSS required!


Alternatif tombol bact to top lainnya: Scroll Top WP Plugin

Tombol Back to Top merupakan trending desain website modern. Tombol kembali ke atas ini ramah pengguna (user friendly) karena memudahkan pengunjung kembali ke bagian teratas halaman web.*


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